#IMMOOC Less is More

I had the pleasure of reading the book that lead to Barry Schwartz TED talk on the Paradox of Choice before I ever entered education. I thought about it in terms of decision making for life, but hadn't made the connection to education, innovation, and sharing.

*Kicks rocks*
I am so guilty of sending a million emails over the course of the year for this thing or that thing that I think could be powerful in our classrooms. George, I hear you. I have felt no one was listening. Now, I know why and I don't blame them.
It is clear that our campus and district are pushing three tools: Google Apps for Education, Schoology, and Twitter. I use these fluently, I think. Now that I have a focus, I can be more intentional about what and how I share. I also have ideas on how to share others' ideas, not just mine. We need to show how our staff is smart. We are all smart, we just need to expose it! Less gives focus. Focus gives intention. Intention breeds action. 


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