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Failure Isn't Final, It's Feedback

A couple weeks ago, as I was listening to my Precision Nutrition Coaching , I heard this motivational anecdote-- Remember, there's no such thing as failure, only feedback. Something clicked in my brain. I've spent a good amount of time as an educator reading about growth mindset , and I've tried to be intentional about how I approach mistakes with students. I've used resources, like Khan Academy Learn Storm , to guide students through the neuroscience and set a tone for my classroom. And this one sentence made me question everything. So I did what I tend to do with questions--I asked them out loud. The inspiring people of my educational Twitterverse did not disappoint . I was reminded of why I love Twitter. It's a space where I can have a question, share it, and gather perspectives asynchronously as I process through my own thoughts. As I was processing, and honestly fangirling a bit over George Couros actually engaging in this conversation, I was encourage