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#IMMOOC 2 Ways to Enter the Swimming Pool of Innovation

 Innovation. What a word, right? It has this heavy aura that can make some feel immediately inept.  "No, not me. I'm not an innovator. I can barely figure out my email." The funny thing is, this is not a new way of teaching or living. Innovation is a life force. Its been around since the dawn of time. And we all do it.  Innovation is the answer to a dead end, whether organically derived or forced down by a mandate or policy change. Do you still post your attendance on a slip of paper for the office staff or aides to come around and collect each day? Probably not.  Do your classroom worksheet copies still look like this? Doubt it. When you think you cannot be an innovative person, realize you already are. Everyone is innovating, but we are doing it differently. Here's a lesson I learned from one comedic innovator, Molly Shannon. There are two ways to get into a pool. One toe at a time, testing the water as you go, or jumping in. Thos